CASHONE POS & Billing Software

CASHONE POS is stock management and billing point of sale application. Getting started with CASHONE POS is simple, register companies (individuals), products and start stock taking. Stockists and cashiers can take stock using barcode scanners during their purchases and sales. A purchase or sales receipt is issued on every transaction.

CASHONE POS is a consumer product for businesses with simple user interface and can be configured with multiple sales points using single CASHONE POS Server.


CASHONE POS is not a business accounting application.


CASHONE POS software package is composed of following components:

  1. CASHONE POS Server Application
  2. CASHONE POS Client Application
  3. MS-SQL Server 2012 or Latest Edition

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CASHONE POS software works with following devices:

  1. Barcode Scanner
  2. Thermal Printer
  3. General Purpose Printer

For further details read introduction to CASHONE POS document or visit product's facebook page.