Concept of CRUDS, View and Observer


Article explains CRUD2CRUD (CRUDS) architecture and elaborates the concept of developing CRUDS application(s). You'll learn how WindnTrees CRUDView and Observer simplifies the dynamic view development using CRUD2CRUD architecture. The document will also explain how WindnTrees CRUDS application is related to jQuery and Knockout.

Keywords: windntrees, CRUD, CRUD2CRUD

    CRUD2CRUD (or CRUDS) is distributed application architecture for developing software applications that exchange data on well defined CRUD interfaces (CRUDS). Above diagram shows a client/server CRUD2CRUD application architecture.

    CRUD2CRUD can be used in various concepts and domains for developing applications.

    View (HTML) & Javascript

    In distributed (client/server) web applications view is HTML document pre-processed by server side and presented in web browser using hypertext markup language (HTML). Javascript is scripting language used to process (or program) HTML document inside a web (http) browser.

    CRUD & CRUDView

    CRUD is a data processing design pattern against a persistent storage (or CRUD source) for data creation, reading, updation and deletion. CRUDView is CRUD enabled view that is responsible for data processing and presentation.

    CRUDView is implemented in, and part of windntrees javascript library.

    [WindnTrees]View Observer

    Windntrees implement various views including ObjectView, NewView, EditView, SearchView, CRUDView, Alternator and CRUDSList. Collectively, they can be called as [WindnTrees]View. Each of such view is contained with observer that is composed of set of observables of different types. Observables are linked with various elements of HTML document for synchronizing data between source (memory) and target (element).

    [WindnTrees]View Observer is set of observables.

  • Knockout, Knockout View Model & [WindnTrees]View Observer

    Knockout is a free and open source javascript library that provides declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking and templating. Visit for further details. WindnTrees utilize knockout view model to form a set of observables that is [WindnTrees]View Observer to decorate HTML view.

    WindnTrees and jQuery

    WindnTrees javascript library utilize jQuery event stack and AJAX to achieve CRUD and related functionalities. Visit for further details.


    WindnTrees CRUDS implement CRUD2CRUD architecture and provides efficient means of developing distributed applications.