CRUD2CRUD CRUDView, HTML, Bootstrap and KnockoutJS project website.

WindnTrees CRUDView sites project implement bootstrap admin templates with CRUD2CRUD CRUDView controllers. These are web application startup projects based on HTML, ASP .NET MVC, Knockout JS, CRUDView and bootstrap navigation control. Startup projects eliminate repeating tasks and ready view, controllers to data access.

CRUD2CRUD is interface neutral, data centric and promotes controller to controller communication. Programmers are required to extend repositories with one interface instead of writing interface for every repository.

Please read CRUD2CRUD tutorials if you need to understand CRUD2CRUD communication architecture.

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  • Project Website

    CRUD2CRUD CRUDView, HTML, Bootstrap and KnockoutJS project website provides seem-less client and server side integration to data access using controller to controller logic. CRUD2CRUD communication scale repositories without growing interface definitions. Well defined or understood controller communication logic increases programmers productivity with clean and less code. Compare client side CRUDView and server side CRUDController code. CRUD2CRUD client and server controllers abstract repeating tasks and you're quickly ready with repositories.

    This project implements following bootstrap templates with server side bootstrap (WindnTrees.Controls.Standard) navigation control.

    Develop and theme with JSON enabled bootstrap navigation templates.



    • MVVM
    • CRUD2CRUD Controllers
    • CRUD Repositories
    • Neat Views and Scripting
    • Professional Practice, and
    • Simple Codebase
  • CRUDView and CRUDSList Example

    Startup project includes CRUDView and CRUDSList examples. WindnTrees CRUDSList view comprised of array of CRUDViews each pointing a server-side controller including CRUD repositories for persistence. CRUDSList share same HTML view amongst multiple CRUDViews using single KnockoutJS binding.

    Programmers extend repositories and with m_TargetRedirection set to true controllers invoke appropriate repository methods along-with CRUDL (create, read, update, delete and list) methods.

    KnockoutJS synchronize between view model and html views dynamically. CRUDView comprise of observer object and enables with binding at either CRUDView or ObserverObject level. ObserverObject is extensible and binding ready. CRUDView handles logic between controllers, processors and observers (ObserverObject). There are multiple observer objects (ObserverObject) each with a view binding purpose.

    Understand importance of ObserverObject and understand view. It is also a layer of separation or integration between HTML view itself and model data.


    Database Setup

    Install database in MSSQL Server from sql script folder. Enable or configure website login details to make project work.

    Project Website Login

    .NET project My Account and Admin area username and password are:


    WindnTrees CRUDS architecture provide efficient means of developing interactive web pages with less and smart programming. Grow in repositories with simple controllers. Download bootstrap admin projects and develop data driven dynamic web applications.