Why CRUD2CRUD or CRUDL Communication


Article explains CRUD2CRUD or CRUDL communication. If you want to study about CRUD2CRUD architecture or design please refer Introduction to CRUDS or Introduction to WCF CRUDS.

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  • Introduction

    CRUD2CRUD is a reference design architecture for applications developed in web, desktop and mobile technologies. Programmers normally setup controllers with server side persistence repositories and implement their data driven applications.

    Communication is important so as its management and generalization. In computing world software applications perform data communication to achieve their collaborative and persistence means. Programmers and designers remain busy in defining interfaces to enable such communication. Designing and implementation curve of such interfaces is an expensive task that may lead in project delays, complexities and higher costs.

    Data communication have intent, a user may want to store data while other want to retrieve, so as is the situation of deletion and modification. CRUD2CRUD is CRUDL communication with intent in design.

    1. Create, communicate with intent of creation, actual persistence is not required.
    2. Read, communicate with intent of reading, its reading communication. Retrieval is not required. Reading may be a computation.
    3. Update, communicate with intent of updating, actual persistence is not required.
    4. Delete, communicate with intent of deletion, actual persistence is not required.
    5. List, communicate with intent of listing, its listing communication. Retrieval is not required. Listing may be an automated composition.

    A CRUD2CRUD may communicate with another CRUD2CRUD server that might retrieve required data set with CRUD repository. Do not be confused with CRUD and CRUD2CRUD architecture.


    CRUD2CRUD is a generalized interface communication architecture. CRUD is data persistence interface design restricted by method definitions, new functionality requires new interface definitions. CRUD2CRUD interface is not limited by method definitions and operation invocations, this makes CRUD2CRUD flexible and well known application architecture and design interface. Well known means programmers do not need to understand each new method definition of the CRUD interface, instead have application integration freedom with generalized communication interface.

    CRUD2CRUD avoid multiple interfaces and encourage repository developments. A CRUD2CRUD may communicate with data store or coordinate between gaming clients acting as game server. Repositories can be of data stores, user actions or mathematical functions.

    Why create different interfaces when dealing with a complex repository of mathematical functions on CRUDS Server? Grow in repositories not in interfaces.


    Common interface will not lead in exposing un-necessary repository or functional interfaces or functions. Also, interface is not communication security, its TLS or HTTPS and there is no need to use multiple interfaces? Be productive with simple pattern and application problem.

    WindnTrees CRUD2CRUD

    WindnTrees implements CRUD2CRUD communication architecture for web and windows using following libraries and packages.

    Web Packages Include:

    1. WindnTrees Javascript Library
    2. WindnTrees.Abstraction
    3. WindnTrees.Core
    4. com.invincibletec.windntrees (windntrees)

    Windows Packages Include:

    1. WindnTrees.CRUDS
    2. WindnTrees.ICRUDS
    3. WindnTrees.ICRUDS.Standard


    Develop applications with simple communication architecture, grow in repositories instead of interfaces.