Track Forever GPS

Track Forever is an enterprise grade vehicle tracking and fleet management software that provides real time GPS tracking using GSM, GPRS and GPS technologies. It is best fit for companies interested in running independent and self relying GPS tracking services and own their data and services.

Track Forever software consists of windows and web application packages. You may host and run applications in local network or deploy on a cloud server. Customer may use built-in support for geo-coding / decoding via landmarks (poi) database or use third party service provider for better location decoding capability of your target area.

Track Forever is business to business and consumer product for companies that provide services to their staff, customers or other stake holders.


Track Forever Enterprise software package is composed of following components:

  1. Track Forever Enterprise Server (GPS Tracking Server)
  2. Track Forever Enterprise Client
  3. Track Forever Enterprise Modem (Serial Interface)
  4. Track Forever Enterprise Administrator
  5. Track Forever Web Applications
  6. Track Forever Mobile Applications
  7. Third Party or Local Services (Mapping, Email, SMS)

Track Forever operates on a windows server installed with IIS7 (or later), MS-SQL Server 2012 (or later) and optionally integrates with Google maps, street view, open layers and mapquest. Users can also integrate their own maps via third party GIS servers.

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Tracking service network consists of following core components:

  1. Vehicle Tracking Server
  2. Tracking Devices (Modems)
  3. Internet Network
  4. LAN/WAN Network
  5. GSM/GPRS/3G/4G Network
  6. Software Users (CSR, TECH, MANAGERS, etc)

Note that its a reference network diagram and only addresses a simplest form of GPS tracking service setup. Network requirements may vary as per user requirements.


Track Forever is equipped with all necessary functions to address and run vehicle tracking and fleet management operations. Here is the list of few important benefits:

  1. Own Data & Service
  2. Multinational Operational Capacity
  3. Multiple Device Support
  4. Role Based Approach
  5. Scale as You Grow
  6. Centralized Operations
  7. Less Staff & More Work
  8. Automatic Alert Reporting
  9. No Need to Remember Device Specific Commands
  10. Consistent GUI & User Friendly Operations
  11. Third Party Maps (Google, Openlayers) Integration
  12. Third Party Geo-Decoding Service API (Google, Mapquest) Integration
  13. Third Party SMS Service API Integration
  14. Third Party Email Service API Integration

Service Features

Track Forever maintains service level with at least following functions and features:

  1. Real time vehicle tracking and monitoring.
  2. Multiple vehicles follow up on map and street view.
  3. GPS history recording and replaying.
  4. Vehicle configurations & reporting.
  5. Landmarks / POI management & location coding / decoding.
  6. Geo-fence management, application and alert reporting via SMS & Email.
  7. Geo-route management, application and alert reporting via SMS & Email.
  8. Support for both hardware and software geo-fences.
  9. Ability to check and replay visit history.
  10. Alerts processing & reporting via Modem or over internet through third party service API.
  11. Alerts storing and relaying via SMS & Email.
  12. Trip Start and Trip End notifications via SMS & Email.
  13. SOS alert notification via SMS & Email.
  14. Idle alert notification via SMS & Email.
  15. Speed Violation notification via SMS & Email.
  16. Power Removal notification via SMS & Email.
  17. Door open notifications when vehicle is in secure mode via SMS & Email.
  18. Ability to remotely enable or disable engine and get alert via SMS & Email.
  19. Fleet Access via Web Portal and Mobile Application.
  20. Locations Summary.
  21. Vehicle Follow Up.
  22. Service Level Summary.
  23. GPS History.
  24. History Replay via Web Portal.
  25. Download GPS History in CSV/KML format via Web Portal.
  26. Mileage Summary via Web Portal.
  27. Trip Reports via Web Portal.
  28. Fleet Driving Summary via Web Portal.
  29. Complaints & Logs Management.
  30. Users, Groups and Roles Administration.
  31. Device and Commands Configurations and Management.
  32. GSM Modem (USB/Serial) Integration for Texting
  33. On premises or cloud hosting capability.

Supported Devices

  1. FM 1100 (FMXXXX v2.7)
  2. FM 1200 (FMXXXX v2.7)
  3. FM 4200 (FMXXXX v2.7)
  4. FMB 920
  5. Ruptela FM
  6. GT06 Series (GT06N,GT06F,GT06E)
  7. Calamp
  8. NTT101
  9. NTTMicro
  10. PF03
  11. Trika2
  12. Locator
  13. Enfora MT
  14. iTracGold
  15. SG VT 02
  16. SG VT 05
  17. TK 102
  18. TK 103
  19. G 01 (A/3)
  20. G 02 (A/3)
  21. G 02M (A/3)
  22. G 05 (A/3)
  23. TK 100 (A/3)
  24. G 200 (A/3)
  25. KX 402
  26. ETT300

Getting Started

Getting started with GPS tracking using Track Forever software is a simple process:

  1. Add SIM, customer and vehicle
  2. Configure vehicle using software & start GPS tracking

For further details read Getting Started with GPS Tracking using Track Forever or visit product's facebook page.